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Create a 2-page pamphlet/brochure using the Microsoft® Publisher, Microsoft® PowerPoint®, Brochure Builder, or another brochure building tool. Include the following details:

·         A title.

·         Define carbohydrates and outline the basic functions of sugars, starches and fiber in the body.

·         Describe the differences between simple and complex carbohydrates, stating healthy carbohydrate sources.

·         Describe how sugars are broken down and used in the body.

·         Explain the difference between soluble and insoluble fibers, stating how the difference can be applied to food selection and consumption so as to improve health.

·         Includeinformation on one of the following disorders related to carbohydrates: lactose intolerance, diabetes, or hypoglycemia.

Include a definition, how it affects the body, and some courses of action used to treat and manage the disorder.

Include a reference with citations in APA format.

Include clip art and a background image.

Part 2: Netiquette

Complete the following after responding to the Week 2 “Netiquette” learning activity:

Review the Student Code of Conduct:

        Identify which of the 17 misconduct violations are related to netiquette.

        Write a 100- to 200-word response discussing how netiquette applies to the Student Code of Conduct. Include the consequences of a learning environment where respect and civility are not valued. Share how you will ensure that you adhere to the netiquette guidelines.

Part 3: Interpersonal Communication and Diversity

Review the list of interpersonal capacities in the box located on pp. 40-41 of Assessing 21st Century Skills found on your Week 2 Electronic Reading Reserve page.

Review Ch. 11: Connecting with Others in Connections.

Identify which two best align with your strengths, and which two align with areas where you have need for improvement.  The two that best align with my strengths are collaborate with other and communicate clearly. My two weakness are adapt to change and be flexible.

Write a response in 100 to 200 words in which you address the following questions:

·         How will your interpersonal communication strengths help you succeed in your chosen career field?

·         What are two specific ways you can work to develop your weaker interpersonal communication skills, and how will this help you succeed in your chosen career field?

·         Working with diverse groups of people is commonplace in today’s workforce. How does an examination of your own biases lead to better communication?

·         How do you plan on developing strong relationships with diverse groups of people in your professional life?

<Write your response here in 100 to 200 words.>


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