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Strengths and Weaknesses

For this part of your SWOT portfolio, you will describe the strengths and weaknesses of JP MORGAN CHASE BANK. Identifying the strengths and weaknesses of a corporation is a strategy to promote and build organizational success. In the case of the corporation you have chosen your goal is to build on strengths and weaknesses that build or harm global success.

In 2-3 pages:

  • Identify at least two strengths and two weaknesses of your chosen multinational corporation.
    • At least one strength and one weakness must be financially oriented (i.e., increased or decreased revenue, low or high exchange or inflation rates, low or high import or export rates, reasonable or unreasonable product prices).
  • Explain why it is a chosen strength or weakness and the impact it has on global presence and expansion for the corporation.
  • Support your examples with research from the sources you previous identified.


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