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( criminal profiling ) 

  1. How can the stressors in a person’s life be the trigger in propelling an offender to commit a crime such as an arson or a bombing or a terrorist act?
  2. What is leakage? How can it be a valuable source to look into the inner thoughts of a violent offender? Explain your answer.
  3. How is an criminal offender who is considered a “true believer” to his/her cause different from other offenders?
  4. Please explain.
  5. Explain how social media sites of criminal offenders can help in forming a criminal investigative analysis.
  6. During an interview or interrogation, how can law enforcement contaminate an interview? 
  7. In assessing risk in all aspects of everyday life, how has this class helped you to make better decisions on exposing you and your loved ones to potentially risky situations? 
  8. O.O.D.A. loop is an acronym coined by U.S. Air Force Colonel Joh Boyd.  What do the four primary phases stand for?  Name all four.
  9. What is the “survival mentality”? Explain.

now it’s 9:35 p.m the homework will close 10:59 p.m ( just short answers ) 

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