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Responses needed ASAP

Need a 200 minimum response for the questions highlighted in red below with reference. NEED ASAP

Hello All,

At the most basic level, IT depends on three basic functions: processing, storage/retrieval (memory), and communication and all substantial advancement happens when one or more of these improves. As each of these gets faster and more affordable, new Technological possibilities are opened up.

Gordon Moore observed a rapid exponential rate of doubling in processor power without an increase in costs (Hellman, 2003).  “According to Moore’s Law, the number of transistors on a chip roughly doubles every two years. As a result the scale gets smaller and smaller” (Intel, 2005, p. 1). Moore’s law has application throughout the realm of information technology; increased processing power improves communication bandwidth and memory utilization all aspects of the technology model benefit.

Incredibly, Moore’s law continues to hold (Intel, 2005 & Lohr, 2011). This coupled significant changes in software design and efficiencies that have yielded excellent improvements in speed, data retrieval and processing throughput (Feld, 2011).

Our programs run faster, our information storage capacity and our ability to store and retrieve data is vast, and we have the ability to move this data at incredible speeds.

We have built an infrastructure that allows anyone to access virtually all the world’s collective knowledge from virtually anywhere and more importantly, anyone to quickly locate whatever they seek.

Do you believe that Moore’s law will continue to hold or have we reached a natural limit?

What is the next technology that will come about from improvements in the technology trinity?


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