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Outline For The Research And Analysis

While the annotated bibliography you completed focused on the scholarly side of the practitioner-scholar model, this assignment starts to move you into practice. Use the material from your project proposal and annotated bibliography to create an outline for the research and analysis portion of your project that specifies your project components and supporting references.

Your outline should include the following:

· A project overview—Use your project proposal assignment to draft this section. Recall that the project proposal included a brief description of your product. Include this description as a basis for your outline. You may also use this content for your project introduction.

· A table of contents draft.

· A title for each section of the project and a description of what each section will cover. Include the following sections:

o An introduction.

o The content of the research and analysis portion of the project, including:

§ Relevant leadership theory.

§ Best professional practices.

§ Ethical practices.

§ Resource management.

§ Change process.

§ Technology (as needed).

§ Communication and collaboration.

§ Implementation and assessment plan.

· References to support each section of your paper—Use resources gathered for your annotated bibliography as well as those you find during continued research.

Your project outline is meant to provide you with an opportunity for feedback on the direction and content of your capstone project prior to the final submission. Make sure you provide enough detail for your instructor to assess the progress of your project. Your submission should be 4–5 pages and follow APA style and formatting.

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