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1-Name five differences and five similarities between the juvenile justice system and the criminal justice system. Overall, are they more similar or different? Support your answer.

2-Compare and contrast the juvenile rights period with the juvenile court period.

3-Discuss the nature vs. nurture conflict and explain these opposing views on the cause of delinquency.

4-Differentiate between the function of punishment and the purpose of law according to the Durkheimian and Marxist perspectives.

5-Discuss the two competing world views regarding the cause of delinquency that have existed over the centuries. What are the important concepts of each view?

6-Discuss the key aspects of adolescent development.

7-Differentiate between the five risk and protective factors. Provide examples

8-What characteristics are present when delinquency is the highest? Why?

9-Discuss the three developmental pathways to delinquency to include the behaviors associated with each.

10-Differentiate between the three levels of child maltreatment.


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