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STRICTLY USING THE ATTACHED PDF CHAPTERS, what are the SIX most interesting topics that you learned about? Why?

Support your thoughts and positions with material from our text and use examples to tell me why you found those interesting. Was it because of the potential for using the information in a job? Was it because you related the topic to personal experiences? How will you use this material in the future to help you in work situations and as a person in general.(MINIMUM 500 WORDS)

Lastly, find ONE current news event that relates to our reading material over the last eight weeks. List the source of the news and discuss how that ONE source relates to our reading material over the last eight weeks. (YOU MUST CITE THE ARTICLE CHOSEN)

An example of this could simply be a search for an ethics article in business. Find any source from the internet and tell your classmates how the article relates to our course discussion over the last eight weeks. What are the key terms from our text that are applicable to the article that you found? Why do those terms relate to the article?  (MINIMUM 100 WORDS)



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