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Human Resources Selected Topics Paper

Write one paper from the following selection of topics. This paper should be 5-7 pages in length (not including any tables, charts or references). The paper should be double-spaced – with one-inch margins, 12-point font, in Times New Roman. You must support your material with appropriate citations, which will include journal articles and/or other academic resources. A minimum of 5 references will be required for this assignment.

Option 1: Performance Management – Research and describe an effective performance review form and process. There is much literature available about best practices involving performance management and the review process. Provide the form, explain the elements contained in the form, the procedures that you recommend should be followed in using the form, and provide your opinion about the effectiveness of the experience for the supervisor and the participant. Will this form lead the supervisor and employee through a meaningful experience? Why/why not?

Option 2: Employee Engagement – In your paper explain how an organization can increase employee engagement through efforts that may include HR-related procedures, policies and practices, supervisory and management skills and behaviors, and/or leadership efforts. Describe at least three (3) examples of such activities that are working well in generating engagement in various organizations. Use resources for authoritative input in defining “employee engagement” and in finding your examples.

Option 3: Strategic HR– Identify a business unit or organizational objective, need and/or challenge and determine how HRM’s involvement can partner in solving/addressing/contributing to its solution. Include a clear description of the challenge and the HRM effort, actions, programs, etc. needed to address it. Establish the desired results for the actions/program and ways to measure if the goals are being reached at short term (in 6 months) and long term (after 2 years) check points.

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