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This is Informations system global economics course for MBA level.


1. Read the requirement ” IS6674- Final project” carefully.

2. Read the “Sample analysis.pdf“, this is the sample paper you must write like this style.

Some PDF files below you may need for the references.

3. Dataset is Food choices. Please download from this website: (two files: “food.csv” and “codebook-food.docx”)


Use Excel and Use https://studio.azureml.net/

The first step is to clean up the dataset (you can open with Excel and clean up a little bit) and explore the dataset. Try on different combination with pivot chart.

Then, if you see some interesting relationship, then make a note for that.

The second step is to find some correlation between the columns. Some of them might be very interesting (parents education level or income vs….. others)

The last step is to apply regression or prediction method on the data set.

Check the attached example what you can do with the dataset. (see “Sample analysis.pdf”)

4. Write a Powerpoint with all the charts and experimental results first, and upload it as soon as possible! (No later than April 30th.)

5. Data analysis: At least 10 pages required. (Including the all the charts and Experimental results (5~6 pages). (https://studio.azureml.net/ Screenshot / Print screen)

That means you only need to write at least 5 pages.

This is graduate students level paper. Please write your answers professional.

Analysis must Be specific. Do not write too general.


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