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formal report

Your paper will need to identify a problem and three potential solutions. The topic should be appropriately related to your area of study or a professional matter. The topic should be specific and career based. Consider issues such as occupational safety, cultural diversity, violence or bullying, staffing or personnel, technology, communication, policy or compliance. Avoid general topic or topics unrelated to professional life. The questions on page 413 (24.8 and 24.9) offers some guidance on topics, you may review these for example only. These are not the topic selections.


  • 1500- 1800 minimum word requirement includes the LETTER OF TRANSMITTAL (no more than one page), EXECUTIVE SUMMARY(no more than one page), and BODY of the report (minimum of 1000 words). The Title Page, Table of Contents, and the References Page DO NOT count in the required word count. Papers with less than 1500 words will earn a grade deduction based on a percentage of words submitted to words required. The key here is to address the material directly.
  • You must include five appropriate sources. Use of the Keiser eLibrary databases is required (we recommend at least two or more sources).
  • You must use in-text citations in APA Style. NOTE: The example in the book uses MLA format. APA format is required for citing sources and reference page.


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