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For ExceptionalProfessor Only- Assignment 3 help

Assignment 3 details:

In today’s fast-moving, global environment with rapid technological change and competition popping-up from all directions, it’s important to harness quick, agile strategy development practices. 

For the final assignment you will use your current organization to develop and present a 5-slide strategy. You will develop your strategy from a leadership perspective, with your intended audience being the executive team at your company. Remember, the pre-work of research and presentation planning are key to delivering a persuasive and decisive strategic plan. Note: Jack’s 5-slide strategy methodology can be found in Chapter 11 of Winning. 

Develop and deliver a compelling 3-6 minute PowerPoint presentation that informs, frames, and persuades the executive team to support your strategic plan. 

    Record your presentation using Zoom (required). o  Zoom will enable you to record your PPT deck and webcam at the same time. o  Recording instructions and samples:     Upload both your PPT deck with notes and recorded strategy presentation (MP4) to Blackboard. 

Your presentation and deliverables should address the following criteria: 

1.   Present your key findings and analysis for each of the four elements:      Slide 1 – The playing field      Slide 2 – The competition      Slide 3 – Your organization      Slide 4 – What’s around the corner? 2.   PowerPoint slides include talking points in the “Notes” pane. The talking points demonstrate thought process, rationale, and presentation planning. 3.   Video and PowerPoint has a professional look and feel.       Demonstrate your executive presence through professional dress, eye contact, and clear and confident speech that is also reflected in tone and body language.      Remember you should not read your slide.       Demonstrate professionalism through grammatically correct, uncluttered, and succinct slides. 4.   Presentation is within the 3-6 minute timeframe. 


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