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Written Report on Documentary: Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room

For this assignment view the video, ENRON:  The Smartest Guys in the Room, [1 hr. & 50 min].  Write a critique of the film in 4-5 page double-spaced paper.  Answer each of the following questions in your essay.  The written assessment of Enron is due according to Syllabus.  Submit a paper copy in class and also post it on BB website SafeAssign. 

2.  Describe the dominant culture of ENRON and the subculture of Enron’s trading group.  

3.  Do you believe that Enron’ failure is a result of the behavior of “a few bad men”, or a demonstration of the “dark shadow of the American dream”?  Explain.

4.  What did Skilling say is the only thing that motivates people?  Do you agree or disagree? 

5.  Describe the PRC (performance review committee).  Why was it referred to as “rank and yank”?   What was its effect?  What is your opinion of the ethics of the practice?

6.  Describe Enron’s initiative on broadband technology.  

7.  What was Arthur Andersen’s conflict of interest in regards to Enron?  What could have been done to prevent this conflict of interest?  

8.  How did Skilling treat Fortune author Bethany McLean when she started asking questions about Enron’s financials?  Do you think this was a tactic, and if so, what did he hope to achieve by it?  

9.  What are three important “takeaway” messages you learned from this documentary? 


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