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What part does politics play in forming and implementing public policies? Do you think politics should play any part in decisions that personally affect you? Provide some examples of how you have been affected by different public policies. If you were running for Congress, would you tell voters the federal government is too big, not big enough, or underappreciated at its current size? What would you do to change either the size of government or to change the voters’ perceptions about the bureaucracy? Do you think Americans are less involved in local communities today? Are people involved in different types of communities than the past, such as social networking sites? Are television and the Internet causing isolation or promoting a different type of engagement and socialization? What government policies concerning the Internet and social networks might touch on civil liberties? Are these government policies positive or negative? Provide examples to support your opinion.
Explain the part the judiciary plays in the checks and balances of government. Can the courts change a law? How does this group of unelected officials affect the separation of powers?


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