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case briefing

Pick a topic of in interest concerning any issue concerning human resources and express the key point or points (i.e. the essence of the case) it in a few simple words—for instance, the words “Americans with Disabilities Act” and “violation” or “access.”  Then add the name of a court to your search—for instance “Oregon Court of Appeals”  Google these terms.  Many published cases should appear, for instance the case of Alford v. City of Cannon Beach, an Oregon case.  You can pick a case from any state as long as it is a court of appeals decision or supreme court decision. 

Instead of Google, you may also search the powerful lexis/nexis legal data base available free to SOU students by using the following link: (see “Look up a Legal Case” then use “or by topic” box for search terms).   

Any published state or federal case concerning human resources will be fine, but please don’t hesitate to contact me if you would like suggestions or need help finding a case.     

Length should be approximately three to five pages, double spaced. 


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