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Business Analytics Project Grade

DUE 02/15/17 – apa format , no plagirism , this is a mojor project I need a perfect A+ – please be very knowlegable about business analysis

Option #1: Create a Business Analytics Team

You are the CIO of LECAL Properties, Inc. Your company has created several successful retirement communities in the southern and southwestern states over the last 20 years. Your CEO wants to determine the optimum locations to begin development of new sites for ten more communities in the next two years.

In your project, address these four questions:

  • What are the steps you would take to create a business analytics team?
  • How will you create stakeholder involvement?
  • How do you plan to utilize your company’s data warehouse business intelligence system?
  • How will you make use of your organization’s statistical resources to recommend the best locations for ten new sites?

Additionally, your proposal should include information covered in the course modules, texts, and discussions. Be sure to apply what you have gained from the Critical Thinking assignments regarding the best practices to make the most effective use of business analytics.

In addition, address social media issues, since your company wants to utilize inputs from social media sites that seniors frequent to get a good grasp of their preferences for locations and retirement community amenities. This includes seniors looking for a retirement location and those already living in one.

Your CEO and board of directors are fully prepared to fund Cloud Computing resources as needed to make use of the anticipated “big data” that will probably be streaming from online sources.

Your paper must:

  • Be 15-20 pages long
  • Include at least five references in addition to your course textbook
  • Include an additional references page
  • Conform to APA format


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