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In 150 words, read both paragraphs and add with response to the bold question below, no title page, cite and reference your response

I would you ask you then at what point do you say ok they have committed 5 burglaries in 2 years on top of that the spent 6 months incarcerated 2 months in a halfway house what is the next step. Each juvenile case is different and I think that most factors are considered and the reference is made. How long do we keep avoiding the adult system? I realize the goal id rehabilitation and reform but some juveniles are telling the system they are not ready to change yet.

With what we know about incarceration and the use of transfers with juveniles though above post, it almost always leads to recidivism down the road.  So if we are transferring juveniles to criminal court, we are essentially saying that we are ok with them commiting crimes later in life.  

An important thing to look at in your example is what does the criminal court offer in terms of punishment that the juvenile court can’t offer here?


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