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3 page paper,Thesis & Sentence Outline and Annotated Bibliography

You will write a literary analysis research essay of your interpretation of the author’s purpose in the primary source that you are analyzing (use class readings). Narrow the focus of your paper to one of the elements of fiction that we have studied this semester, such as the setting, characters, plot development or major conflict, point of view, or symbols. Then, state your claim or argument about the author’s intent. Your argumentative claim should state your interpretation of the author’s purpose and the elements of fiction or thematic issues that most effectively develop your claim. You must cite passages from your primary source(s) throughout your paper.

Include as many in-depth secondary sources as possible, preferably 3-5, but three in-depth journal articles will meet the minimum requirement. All secondary sources should be scholarly works such as journal articles or articles in books that include works cited. One of the first major steps in writing a research paper is conducting library research.

Complete an annotated bibliography for at least 5 of the secondary sources that you have found 

The essay needs to be formatted in MLA style, with heading, header, title, Times New Roman 12, one-inch margins. Do not use 1st person or second person.

Use correct MLA standards for integrating quotations and citations and the entry in the Works Cited page.

State a thesis at the end of the introductory paragraph and use transitions to organize your essay.


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